Monday June 29, 2009

Leaving the lights of Lima behind, we now take on a 9-hour bus journey northeast, crossing the Andes yet once more, to the Pasco region of Peru. The bus will take us to the city of Carhuamayo. There we take a 1.5-hour car-hire eastward to the city of Paucartambo. And then another 20 minutes to the village of Huallamayo where there is a large hydro-electric plant and we get to stay in a very nice residence compound built for its staff.

On this bus map, Carhuamayo is between Cerro the Pasco to the north and Junin to the south

A 7-hour ride from Lima, northeastward


Once we’re done with the bus, it’s still another 1.5 hours by car-hire to Paucartambo, underlined on this map (below Cerro de Pasco)

But hold on … once in Paucartambo, it’s still another 20 minutes to the village of Huallamayo

Miles to go before we sleep. Who said that?


With our pick-up-and-go style of travel, we’ve learned to literally live out of the suitcase

Fluff’em, fold’em, but keep them in the suitcase and ready to zip up


Amazing how resourceful we become when we are far from the comfort of home

No washing machine?  … Hands

No clothes dryer? … Curtain rods

No laundry detergent?  … Hair shampoo (try it, clothes smell great!)