Week of June 29 – July 3, 2009

After several weeks of living on the go, sleeping under tin roofs, sharing 1.5 bathrooms with ten people, warming the room with your own body heat, and trying to beat the 3-minute hot water timer in the shower …. we showed up at Campamento Huallamayo to find ourselves in the lap of luxury.

This compound provides residence for the professional staff of the EnerSur hydroelectric plant and offers creature comforts sufficient to help people endure their one- or two-year stays. That means single rooms with private baths, daily laundry service, a lounge area in each residence hall with TV & DVD, a canteen with table linen and wait staff, a recreation room with ping pong, pool, foosball, a bar; along with a workout room, sauna, soccer field, landscaping, and expansive mountain views!

For our now recalibrated standard of living, this was like finding ourselves at the steps of the … Ritz-Carlton.

Gate to the residence compound. Greeters standing by 24 hours a day. They just happen to also have guns.



But before you can get to the gate of the residence compound, you must first make it through the military checkpoint.

24 hours. Machine guns. Live ammo. Answer the question. Humor not appreciated.


On right: canteen & recreation building


Single rooms, tiled floor, window curtains, and a ceiling that’s not a tin roof.  Welcome to Ritz-Carlton!

Oh by the way … anything left on the bed in the morning will be washed and returned by 6 pm


Private bath? And a shower with seemingly unlimited hot water? I feel like a sheik.


Meeting up with (from left) Sonia Rutherford, Allison (Alli) Feldman, Rebecca Crabb


Breakfast before heading out to the schools. Notice table linen, china, flower vase, and a wait staff … can you spell luxury?!

Clockwise: Rebecca Crabb, Alli Feldman, William Marshall, Max Harleman, Bui father, Bui son


Socializing with Paulo the facility manager


If you’re going to be away from your family and stay here a year or two, you’ll rack up a lot of hours at this table.

Notice the bar in the background and the lanterns hanging off the ceiling. It’s home away from home for your sanity.


And let’s throw in a soccer field, BBQ area, a gym, and a sauna to boot!